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Caldicot Town AFC

Football for everyone

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Caldicot Town AFC 

The football club is operated as a members only club. Annual membership is renewable from August 1st each year with fees to join the club currently standing at  £10 per person, payable to the bar staff. The annual membership cost is reviewed and set each year at the clubs AGM in July. 

Non members are welcome but should be signed in by a current member. Once you have joined, you will be issued a membership card which will have your membership number on it. Present this to the bar staff when ordering drinks. The membership card has a magnetic strip on the reverse that allows you to load money onto their card (Top-up with bar staff) to save carrying cash or paying with a debit card each drink. 

A prime benefit of becoming a members, is that you have discounted draught drinks. Non-members pay full price. 

Losing your card may incur a charge to replace so please keep safe.

Life Members

Life membership is awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond in providing their services to the club over a period of time. Life membership affords the individual to free membership for the duration of their life, and can be nominated for in writing to the committee where a vote is held to award or decline the request for life membership.

The below is an up to date list of current life members.

Roger Canty

Tony Cartwright

Hazel Coles

Peter Davies

Paul Donaghue

Bob Downie

Sue Evans

Peter Farmer

Haydn Francis

Jeremy Gates

Mike Harrison

Mel Harris

Carol Jones

Norman Jones

Robert Jones

Clive Jones

Keith Kerslake

Ernie Lane

Ron Lane

Sonia Baker

Stan Baker

Gary Foster

David Farrell

Mark Anderson

Shirley Davies

Irene Lewis

Archie McKay

John McKenzie

John Mullahy

Neil McConnell

Phillip Mallalieu

Tony O'Hara

Terry Picton

Bobby Powell

Roger Tapp

Mike Windsor

Denise Williams

Steve Bright

Frank Rowberry

Jackie Cartwright

Steve Matthews

Martin Slape

Ray Jeremiah

Gail Windsor

Michael Bruce

Edwina Bruce

Wayne Hobbs

Adrian Porter

Moira Mullahy

In Memory - Former Life Members

Basil Packer

Gordon Lewis

Ken Pollard

Brian Reed

Anthony Stephens

Nancy Williams

John "Dai" Coles

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